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Affordable Geriatric Assisted Living Care and Residential Group Homes, Columbia, Maryland, MD. Serving  Ellicott City, Clarksville, Howard County, Montgomery County, Frederick County, Carol County, Anne Arundel County and Baltimore County, Maryland; as well as the greater Washington DC and Baltimore metropolitan region, including Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Assisted living care services include long term care, short term respite care, Alzheimer and dementia care, hospice care, nursing and rehab care for those elderly residents with chronic illness and disease or requiring professional geriatric care.


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Always Caring Assisted Living, Columbia, Howard County, Maryland.  For more information please call: 1-410-730-3838.  © 2000 to 2017 Copyright Always Caring assisted living. Full service assisted living homes caring for the elderly in Columbia, Howard County, Maryland. Offering affordable long term care, short term care, respite care, alzheimer and dementia care, hospice care, nursing and rehab care. Testimonials Page update 5/16/17 .

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“Mr. Tim Belton, owner and manager of Always Caring group homes is well known to me. I have had a very good experience seeing his residents and taking care of their medical problems. The care given to the residents of Always caring Assisted Living is excellent. This includes timely and punctual visits to doctor’s appointments. I have enjoyed working with Tim Belton, as he and his entire staff are dedicated to the care of their residents.” Sincerely, Abeda A. Khan, M.D.



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“Until I met Tim and Elva Belton, I hadn’t found the quality of individualized care that my father required. The person-to-person attention that my father received was outstanding.” Dr. Lisa Holm, daughter of long-term resident Dr. Horton.


“We’re treated with dignity and respect. Tim and Elva are very caring people.” Ms.Crissie Shaw, resident.


“Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave my Mother even for such a short time. We had really hoped that we would have more time with her here in Maryland. Your willingness to accept her into one of your homes, really helped us out. If it were not for you both, she might have died in her apartment. We will always remember with joy your kindness to my Mother and to our entire family.” Nolan Taylor


“My father, Paul Ashman, has been happy at Always Caring Assisted Living, and now considers it a home away from home. The owners, Tim and Elva, have been wonderful with him. They are always so gentle and kind to him. Thank you.” Janet Almas


“My mother is 86 years old and has been a resident of Always Caring of Columbia, MD, for about five years.  This facility is owned and operated by Mr. Tim Belton. The in-house care-givers prepare meals, dispense medication, assist with bathing and dressing, as well as perform general house keeping.  My mother’s bedroom is clean, comfortable and has a pleasant view of the grounds.  Her privacy and security of her personal items is always respected.”


“Mr. Belton visits her residence every day.  He generally takes the other residents to their doctor appointments and has on rare occasions taken my mother to the doctor when I was unable to do so.  He not only picks up medication from the pharmacy when necessary, but also provides personal  toiletries when the need arises.  He coordinates her transportation to an adult day care center.  He has taken her to other outings as well as a holiday cookout at his brother’s home. Mr. Belton even takes my mother to the hair- dresser.”

“In the event of an emergency, of which there have been several,  Mr. Belton always communicates the details of the situation in a timely fashion.  He has always been at the hospital until I arrived and remained until my mother’s condition has received the initial prognosis.  If my mother is kept in the hospital, he generally visits every day and is kept apprised of the attending physician’s assessment of her condition.  Mr. Belton and his staff are always available to assist with the discharge from the hospital and return to the assisted-living facility. In general, Mr. Belton provides care to my mom as if he were her son.” Hermenzo D. Jones,  Ph.D.      


“Please know that Mr. Tim Belton is an assistance provider manager who brings patients to our office on a regular basis. He is a careful and conscientious provider, always paying close attention to the care of his patients.” Sincerely, Richard M. Susel, MD


Please call 1-410-730-3838 for more information about our individualized services, affordable rates and excellent references.